Auditions – Denver Gay Men’s Chorus

The Rocky Mountain Arts Association and its member choruses have maintained a passionate commitment to the lives and well-being of LGBTQ+ individuals. We strive to be welcoming and respectful to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender expression.

In other words, we don’t care how you identify, as long as you love to SING! We hold auditions for our choruses a few times through the season and welcome any skill level to audition.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of music to change and improve lives. We select choral music that ignites our creative spirit and produce high-quality choral performances that appeal to diverse audiences. We look at each concert performance as an opportunity to educate ourselves and our audiences about LGBTQIA+ history and the challenges that remain as we strive for equality and full inclusion in society FOR EVERYONE.

We entertain, educate, inspire and empower. Become a singing member of DGMC!

Next Auditions

We audition a few times a year, usually in August for the fall Holiday show, and in the December/January timeframe for the Spring/Summer shows. Interested in joining? We’d love to have you. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep posted when auditions open again. 

Can’t make the dates we have scheduled? Reach out via the audition form still and add a note – we’ll do what we can to accommodate you if we can.

Click the button at the top of this page to fill out our audition form, including your name, singing part if you know it, and any additional experience you may want to convey. It will email you and us a copy of your information. We will reach out to you within a reasonable amount of time as we prep for the next set of auditions.

If you are a previous member wishing to return to the chorus, please follow the same procedures. Fill out the form (see the button at the top of this page). 

About singing with the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus 

When are rehearsals? What if I have a conflict?

Rehearsals are held on Sunday evenings in Denver, in a neighborhood north of Hilltop. Members are expected to attend all rehearsals (typically 10-12 in a cycle) and may not miss more than a set number of rehearsals for each concert series, as set by the Artistic Director and Chorus Leadership team per cycle.

Members must sing at least two of the three concert cycles (Holiday, Spring, and Summer) to remain an active member in good standing. All Dress/Tech rehearsals are mandatory.

There may be additional requirements for a specific season based on that season’s programming that will be defined in your audition and called out as necessary.  For instance, in July 2024, DGMC will be traveling for the GALA Festival.

What are the financial obligations?

Membership dues are a significant part of the operating budget of the chorus, and members are required to pay dues. For your convenience, you may initiate monthly payments in August for all 12 months, make three payments at the start of each concert cycle, or pay the annual fee in full with one payment. Dropping out of a concert cycle does not stop a member’s obligation to their yearly dues.

You can also elect to become a member of our Guardian Circle instead, which waives monthly dues because you are donating to the chorus instead of paying dues (and paying over the monthly dues), which gets you added benefits. See the Guardian Circle page for more information, or we can answer questions at your audition. 

There is a wardrobe cost which usually is comprised of an approved tux to wear during concerts, nice dress shoes, and some DGMC-branded wear that will be brought up and discussed at your audition. If you own a tux, we will just need to look at it to determine if it matches our guidelines. 

What if I cannot afford the costs? Am I still able to join?  

Our mission is to build community through music.  We want you to be a part of our DGMC community and work with our members to ensure the cost of being a DGMC isn’t prohibitive.  DGMC offers scholarships for members who seek financial assistance for short-term use and need. Come to auditions and talk to us!

Who is allowed to join as a singing member of DGMC? 

DGMC performs music arranged for tenor and bass vocal ranges. We welcome all, no matter how you identify. We focus on artistic excellence and community building.

I’ve never sung in a chorus before.  Should I still audition?  

Yes! Our chorus is a mix of singers with diverse experiences in music. We cultivate an environment of learning and support, regardless of skill level 

What happens at the audition?

Auditions should last about ten minutes and consist of vocalizing (with piano) on various scales and patterns to determine range and to evaluate tone.  To check your pitch memory, we will play simple melodic patterns and ask you to sing back to us.  We will also ask you to sing “I Vow Thee My Country” in the key written.  Please download music here.




What will you be looking for during the audition?

  • How well you keep pitch throughout (do you start and end in the same key?)
  • Your intonation (note-to-note pitch accuracy)
  • How you handle the quality of tone as you jump octaves with the provided piece
  • How your voice is registered throughout (use of “chest” and “head voice”)
  • Your diction and the shape of your vowels
  • Breath support

What Should I Wear To The Audition?

Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

What Should I Bring To The Audition?

Submit your completed audition form (see link on this page), and with your voice fully warmed up to sing. Our membership team will reach out to get any additional info not covered in our audition form on this page before your audition. 

Who Will Be Present At My Audition? 

DGMC’s Artistic Director Johnny Nichols Jr and an additional DGMC personnel. The audition will be recorded for assessment purposes.

How Do I Find Out Whether Or Not I Made It?

The audition results will be delivered immediately following your audition.

What Happens If I’m Not Accepted?

We would love to accept everyone; however, we are limited to space.

Please do not be discouraged! You are always welcome to audition again in the future. Many members auditioned more than once before joining DGMC. You may also consider joining DGMC as a non-singing volunteer. We are a volunteer-driven organization and always welcome new members who wish to contribute time to our organization. Please email us at  

What is Off Kilter!

Off Kilter! is a dynamic a cappella troupe comprised of singers from the larger Denver Gay Men’s Chorus. This 16-member ensemble performs throughout the year at numerous small venues in the Denver metropolitan area, engages communities, supports causes, and entertains audiences of all ages with a repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary. 

More questions for the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus? Please contact us with your inquiries a