June 27, 7:30 Levitt Pavilion

June 27, 2024

In this FREE concert, DWC will be performing songs from their My BodyMy Voice concert at Levitt Pavilion on June 27.  My BodyMy Voice was originally performed in Fall 2022, months after the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade.  It features songs of protest, bravery and resilience. DWC will be joined on stage by Phoenix, Colorado’s Trans Community Choir, a fully collaborative grassroots community of individuals who believe in the transformative potential of the arts for personal empowerment and societal change.  

The June 27 presentation of My Body, My Voice is in partnership with Cobalt. Nothing should stand between you and your health decisions, which is why Cobalt is dedicated to fighting for systems, structures and policies that guarantee reproductive rights and protect comprehensive, universal access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion.    Cobalt is committed to securing and protecting every person’s access to reproductive healthcare, and combating all threats to that access — now and in the future. Cobalt’s vision is for every Coloradan to be able to make any health decision that is right for them, knowing they can do so free from judgment and that any resource they may need will be available.  Support Cobalt today here.


This free concert event precedes DWC’s performance of My BodyMy Voice in July at GALA, which gathers LGBTQ+ choruses from all over the world.  DWC was one of 7 choruses selected to perform a coveted “Coffee Concert.”


Pavilion gates open at 6:30 P.M.
Run time is 1.5 hours, including a break between choruses.

Address: 1380 W. Florida Ave., Denver, CO 80223

Parking Info: Click here for a parking map. During shows the road within the park becomes a one-way road. Patrons must enter the park from Jewell Ave and Florida Ave will be for exit only.

Ruby Hill Park has several internal parking lots available to Levitt Pavilion concertgoers. However, the park is home to several other amenities and we want to remind our audience that several of these lots will be used for other purposes on concert dates. Much of our parking is on Ruby Hill Park Road and patrons may park on either side of the street, all-facing North.

ADA parking:
If you require ADA parking, please tell our attendant upon entering and they will direct you to these spaces. ADA parking is located right outside of the main entrance, designated on the map below.

If you require ADA seating please follow the walkway, which security can direct you to upon entrance.

Parking outside of Ruby Hill:
Around the park, there are several on street parking spaces available. We ask you to park within the “industrial areas” on the north and south of the park and to refrain from parking in the neighborhood to the west.

The Ruby Hill neighborhood has been accommodating and welcoming to our presence and we ask our attendees to be respectful, with this request as well as when leaving the concert.

DO NOT park on the grass:
Parking on the grass at Ruby Hill Park is against park rules. If you park on the grass, you risk being ticketed or towed by Park Rangers or Denver Police Department.

Bike Parking:
Bike to Levitt from the S Platte River Trail and park in our bike corrals directly in front of the venue entrance.