National Anthem takes on new meaning

Denver Women's Chorus, Rocky Mountain Arts Association News

Just as they thought they were closing their season, DWC accepted an invitation to perform the national anthem for US Women’s Soccer v. Columbia.

The game was the team’s first since securing equal pay with men’s soccer, and DWC was honored to have such an incredible role. However, as the singers took to the field on Saturday, June 25, one day after the Supreme Court knocked down Roe vs. Wade, the national anthem took on new meaning.

Dr. Clelyn Chapin, DWC’s Artistic Director, reflected, “It was a rollercoaster of emotions. There were no perfect answers to address the betrayal singers felt in response to the ruling and yet also celebrate the amazing accomplishments of US Women’s Soccer. As a group, we decided to wear green ribbons to show our support of reproductive rights for all people, and locked hands during “home of the brave.”

The reception by the sold-out crowd was overwhelming, and Megan Rapinoe’s kisses to the chorus were unforgettable! It marked a nationally televised appearance as well.

Hear from DWC members and watch the chorus sing. Click on the photo below.

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