Today is Colorado Gives Day! Donate to the Choruses and have your donation matched!

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Support the Choruses of RMAA on Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, December 4!

Colorado’s largest day of giving, Colorado Gives Day, is taking place on Tuesday, December 4, 2018. On this day, thousands of people come together to support Colorado nonprofits like ours. When you donate to the Rocky Mountain Arts Association, you’re helping us in our mission of building through music. Our program is composed of the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus and Denver Women’s Chorus and is a voice for equality and inclusion in the Front Range. Thanks to the $1 Million Incentive Fund from Community First Foundation and FirstBank, your donation goes further on Colorado Gives Day.

To donate to us on Colorado Gives Day, go to

Your support is pivotal to RMAA’s mission of “Building Community Through Music.” With your financial contribution and commitment to our mission, you help us expand beyond the Denver metropolitan area and bring our message of equality and acceptance to Colorado Front Range communities.  It helps pay for music, band support, marketing support, member support, and so much more.

Please consider donating to Rocky Mountain Arts Association and help us in our outreach programs that foster acceptance and promote safe and supportive environments for all Colorado citizens, especially our young children.

Donating is easy! Click the link below or in any of the banners to be taken directly to the Colorado Gives page for Rocky Mountain Arts Association and lend your support to the singers of RMAA!  Thank you!


3 Things to Consider Before Participating in Colorado Gives Day

You are probably already well aware that Colorado’s largest day of giving, Colorado Gives Day, is taking place on Tuesday, December 4, 2018. Many organizations are participating by soliciting donations from leaders in the community like yourself. Here are three questions to keep in mind before donating on Colorado Gives Day.

  • Will my donation be matched?” …. Yes and No.
  • Yes, the community first foundation and FirstBank have teamed up to offer a $1 Million incentive fund.
  • No, it is not a dollar-for-dollar match.

Unlike the recent Facebook #GivingTuesday campaign, this incentive fund does not match donations, but rather BOOSTS them. That is to say that if Rocky Mountain Arts Association receives 10% of all donations received through, then they will also receive 10% of the $1 Million incentive fund. That’s $100,000 in additional, community-building money!

This is a HUGE (one million dollar huge) opportunity to help Your gift go further. Take advantage!

  • Should I Donate if I am in a position to do so?”…Yes, definitely!
  • Should I Donate directly to my nonprofit of choice?”…Maybe.

Yes, definitely. Colorado Gives Day is powered by, a year-round website featuring more than 2,300 nonprofits. The site encourages charitable giving by providing comprehensive, objective, and up-to-date information about Colorado nonprofits. You’ll know your selected nonprofit has a viable request for donations after learning more about them on the site. Tuesday, December 4, 2018 is the day that donations are boosted. Donate via the ColoradoGives site on this day or scheduled your donation in advance to take advantage of boost through the incentive fund.

Maybe, If you are unable to make or schedule your donation by December 4th via the site, your preferred nonprofit(s) will still receive and appreciate your support of this amazing organization. Donations made directly to Rocky Mountain Arts Association (not via Colorado Gives) are not boosted by the incentive fund, but the dollars will still be used strategically to continue our mission of building community through music. If this resonates with you, give away!

I’m unable to donate at this time. How else can I show support?

We understand that there are many great nonprofit organizations in Colorado requesting your donation. In fact, there are probably at least 12 requests for Colorado Gives Day sitting in your inbox right now! You can’t give to everyone every time, but there are still several ways (some with $0 cost to you) that you can support.

First, make sure your preferred nonprofit shares your values and is working toward a mission that you care about. Once you find a match, you can attend some of their events, share with friends, let people know what good work they’re doing, or be their fan in another way.

Here are some more ideas on how you can support Rocky Mountain Arts Association:

Attend Holiday concerts or other future events

Enter to win our raffles, benefitting the choruses of RMAA

-Share information about RMAA with your friends and family –,,

-Encourage others to donate – donate here

-schedule a donation for next year –


Enroll in Guardian Circle and receive additional perks













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