Colorado Gives Day, December 8

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I think everyone will always remember the day the COVID-19 pandemic literally stopped us all in our tracks: March 13, 2020. It seems like it was years ago, but it has been only eight months! With over 255,000+ American lives lost and enormous economic losses, we hope that science can help defeat this virus with an effective vaccine or better treatment options.

In the meantime, as we wait for some return of “normalcy” to our lives, non-profit arts organizations continue to struggle with how to be relevant and resilient in these times where gathering large audiences in indoor venues remains forbidden due to health concerns. This is especially true for choruses of all sizes and shapes, as singing has become known as a “super-spreader” activity. As members of both the Denver Women’s Chorus and Denver Gay Men’s Chorus can tell you, they miss the community that the choruses bring as well as miss performing for our faithful patrons. We remain focused on our mission of “building community through music,” but this has become very challenging in a virtual world.

At Rocky Mountain Arts Association (RMAA), the umbrella non-profit for the choruses, we are striving to retain enough cash in the bank to return to full strength, whenever that might be. Since we cannot rely on any ticket income from live performances, Colorado Gives Day is a perfect time to help us continue to entertain, educate, empower, and inspire our audiences.  

Our board has raised $20,000 to match dollar-for-dollar the money raised during this time. Please consider helping the choruses with a gift. You can schedule a Colorado Gives Day donation here through December 8.  Please note, under Donation Details, you can select ‘program’ and identify what chorus your funds go to. 

Stay healthy and, eventually, we will see you all live once again.

~ Michael

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