Concert Program

Audio and video recording of this concert is strictly prohibited by copyright law.

Dancing in the Street
Words and Music by Marvin Gaye, Ivy Hunter and William Stevenson
Popularized by Martha and the Vandellas
arr. Tim Sarsany

Mordechai Kadovitz (Sun. and Sat. night), Geoffrey Gutierrez (Fri.), Jayson Arteza (Sat. Mat), soloists

Matt Bloom, Tim Kreuter, Sean Kuprevich, Christopher Pieper, Quincy Roisum, John Trujillo, dancers

On the Stage with the Temptations
Popularized by The Temptations
arr. Alan Billingsley

Justin Burnett and Christopher Pieper (Sun.), Stephen Wertz and Victor Keys (Fri.), Luke Menard and Tony Gulotta (Sat. Mat), Luke Menard and Hayes Burton (Sat. night), soloists

Robert Ehman, Brad Ingles, Walter James, John Trujillo, dancers

Midnight Train to Georgia
Words and Music by Jim Weatherly
Popularized by Gladys Knight & the Pips
arr. Tim Sarsany

Martin Mercer (Sun. and Fri.), Lukas Seelye (Sat. Mat), Victor Keys (Sat. night), soloists

Words and Music by Aretha Franklin and Ted white
Popularized by Aretha Franklin
arr. Ted White
Off Kilter!

Stop! In the Name of Love
Words and Music by Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland, and Edward Holland
Popularized by The Supremes
arr. Tim Sarsany

Robert Ehmann, Brad Ingles, dancers

Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)
Words and Music by Thaddis Harrell Jr., Beyonce Knowles, Terius Nash, Christopher A. Stewart
Popularized by Beyoncé
arr. Steve Milloy

Geoffrey Gutierrez, Maurice Murphy, Oliver Reed, dancers

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
Words and Music by Freddie Perrin and Christine Yarian
Popularized by Boyz2Men
arr. Tim Sarsany

Luke Menard and Oliver Reed (Sun.), Seth Holley and Michael Chimento (Fri.), Jacob Bloom and Martin Mercer (Sat. Mat), James Dunbar and Stephen Wertz (Sat. night), soloists

I Wanna Dance with Somebody
Words and Music by George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam
Popularized by Whitney Houston
arr. Chad Weirick

Jayson Arteza, Matt Bloom, Jacob Bogart, Geoffrey Gutierrez, Tim Kreuter, Nick Martinez, Maurice Murphy, John Trujillo, dancers

Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing
Words and Music by Stevie Wonder
Popularized by Stevie Wonder
arr. Jacob Kerzner
Off Kilter!

Jacob Bloom and Hayes Burton (Sun. and Sat. Mat), Matt Bloom and Maurice Murphy (Fri. and Sat. night), soloists

Dan England, beatboxer

Proud Mary
Words and Music by John Fogerty
Popularized by Tina Turner
arr. Chad Weirick

Jayson Arteza, Matt Bloom, Art Bogess, Walter James, Sean Kuprevich, Nick Martinez, dancers


Words and Music by RuPaul, Jimmy Harry, and Larry Tee
Popularized by RuPaul
arr. Chad Weirick

Jayson Arteza, Geoffrey Gutierrez, Kalyn Kitchen, Sean Montoya, Quincey Roisum, Sanford Smith, drag queens

All of Me
Words and Music by John Stephens and Toby Gad
Popularized by John Legend
arr. Deke Sharon
Off Kilter!

Lady Marmalade
Words and Music by Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan
Popularized by Patti LaBelle
arr. Chad Weirick

Jacob Bogart, Art Boggess, Geoffrey Gutierrez, Oliver Reed, dancers

Words and Music by Melissa Jefferson, Eric Burton Frederic, Theron Thomas, Sean Spencer Small, and Sam Michael Sumser
Popularized Lizzo
arr. Raul Dominguez
Off Kilter!

Christopher Perez, Chris Pieper, Maurice Murphy, soloists

Tim Kreuter, beatboxer

What’s Goin’ On
Words and Music by Renaldo “Obie” Cleveland and Marvin Gaye
Popularized by Marvin Gaye
arr. Archibald T. Davison

Perry Simmons (Sun. and Fri.), Victor Keys (Sat. Mat.), Lukas Seelye (Sat. Night), soloists

In collaboration with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
Words and Music by Billy Taylor and Dick Dallasm
Popularized by Nina Simone
arr. Kirby Shaw

Monica Pressley, soloist from the Denver Women’s Chorus

In collaboration with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance

Seven Last Words of the Unarmed
Joel Thompson

I. Kenneth Chamberlain
II. Trayvon Martin
III. Amadou Diallo
Victor Keys, soloist
IV. Michael Brown
V. Oscar Grant
VI. John Crawford
VII. Eric Garner

Joined by Rangeview High School Choir, James Laguana, Director of Vocal Music
Raul Dominguez, conductor

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Rise Up
Words and Music by Batie and Jenn Decilveo
Popularized by Andra Day
arr. Chad Weirick

Will Young and Jacob Higgins (Sun.), Hayes Burton and Stephen Sbanotto (Fri.), Jacob Wooden and John Hess (Sat. Mat.), Logan Walker and Cahen Taylor (Sat. Night), soloists

In collaboration with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance