Quiet No More – the Libretto of the Commission

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As the choruses of RMAA are rehearsing for this powerful piece that we are premiering in Colorado May 18, June 1, and June 7-8, we are diving deep into the history of Stonewall in OUR community as well as the broader scope of the work. For instance, we are visiting the Stonewall exhibition at the Center on Colfax to learn more about those that came before us, what they fought for, and honoring those that helped give us the rights we have now. Denver had it’s own “Stonewall moments” in its history, of which we will endeavor to spotlight over the next several weeks leading up to the shows we have booked in Golden, Broomfield and at the King Center in Denver.

Part of the Quiet No More commission is that this is a story being told of the Stonewall events up to that milestone moment in LGBTQ history.

Read through the Libretto that has been provided to us with the commission to get a better understanding of the work and what you will get to be a part of on the dates mentioned above!



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