It is said, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  We are more than tough. We are tenacious, zealous, and resolute. That is why we continue to double down to protect and preserve our choruses.

Changing the world by building community through music is RMAA’s mission. The Denver Women’s Chorus and Denver Gay Men’s Chorus promote diversity, equality, and inclusion. We reach people who wouldn’t otherwise have any contact with the gay community. We replace old stereotypes with positive images and messages. We tell our stories to counter misinformation and express our common humanity through music. In a world that seems more polarized than ever before, the existence of our choruses and the work we do is even more important. 

The last year-in-a-half has been unprecedented. RMAA leadership made the difficult decisions necessary to sustain the Denver Women’s Chorus (DWC) and the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus (DGMC) by conserving cash, cutting expenses, and pivoting to produce free virtual concerts for the community. We have positioned the choruses to flourish and are looking forward to our first live and in-person concerts in December.  However, we still need your help!

Please consider a contribution to our double-down campaign as we begin to increase our financial footprint and prepare to make our come-back to the stage!