Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa

No intermission. Audio and video recording of this concert is strictly prohibited by copyright law.

These series of concert performances are dedicated to and in memoriam of Robert “Melba” Moore, the founding Artistic Director of the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus.

Please note, “Go to War” will feature a fake rifle. This is a prop and it will not discharge nor will there be a discharge sound effect. 

Memorial Tribute to Bob “Melba” Moore (1943-2021)

Founding Director of the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus

From the Silence, Gerald Pearson/Jean Sibelius

Bob Moore, Conductor

Audio recording of the first song the DGMC ever sang at the inaugural concert at the Aladdin Theater, June 1982

Video by Stephen Wertz

text of the opening selection

Surely, surely, from the silence,
Breaks the song that we never sang,
Come the words that we never spoke.
The love that we’ve always hidden.
Once all men feared so to say it,
The love that dare not speak its name.
At last, long last from the silence,
Lovers come bringing gifts of song,
Voices sing of manly love.
No more will we hush the singing,
Never more will we hide our love,
No more will our joy be silenced.
Manly love has its melody,
Lovers too have a song to sing.


Isabella Duran as Jane Addams

Gay Word

Randy Chalmers, Isabella Duran, Nicole London, Lars Preece, soloists

Off Kilter!

Go to War

Eric Austin Attard (Brighton, Sat. night, Denver Sat. Mat.), Jacob Bloom (Fri., Denver Sat. night, Sun.), soloists

Dale Britt, Eric Horan, Brian LeMaire, John Mowry as doctors

Already Dead

Randy Chalmers as Cyril Wilcox

Quincey Roisum as Harvard student

Lars Preece as Harvard University President

Dan England, Bill Loper, Tom RuBane, Everett Schneider as judges

Just a Woman

Nicole London as Gertrude Stein

Isabella Duran as Alice Toklas

The Room Next Door

Lars Preece as Lem Billings

Executive Order

All People

Randy Chalmers as Bayard Rustin

A Purple Menace/The Happy Homosexual

Lars Preece as Dr. Charles Socarides

Zephyr Wilkins as patient

Off Kilter!


Off Kilter!



Isabella Duran as Sylvia Rivera

Matt Bloom, Jacob Bogart, Art Boggess, Maurice Murphy, dancers

Gay Word – Reprise

Randy Chalmers, Isabella Duran, Nicole London, Lars Preece, soloists

Good Things Take Time

Randy Chalmers, Isabella Duran, Nicole London, Lars Preece, soloists

“To be Unbreakable means you are made of something strong.  Our gay community is made of that kind of strength. Throw your worst at us: misguided law; disease; derision; dismissal. We will always rise. We will always hold hands and remind you we are, and always have been, Unbreakable.” – Andrew Lippa