UB: Welcome from James Knapp

Welcome from James Knapp

Hello Friends of DGMC,

HAPPY PRIDE! Thank you so much for being here for our final historic and epic 40th anniversary concert and the Colorado premiere of a new musical, Unbreakable. A friend of mine created a term to describe Unbreakable as a Broadway “Chorotorio.” In many respects Unbreakable is a combination of Broadway and the classical music structure of the Oratorio (e.g., Messiah, by Handel). It contains no sacred texts as with most oratorios, but it does tell a history within a musical setting, and the leading actors drive much of the storyline while the chorus serves as social commentary.

The musical includes different musical genre: Broadway ballads, rock, gospel, and classical. The work is cleverly composed, introducing audiences to lesser-known historical figures and events such as The Lavender Scare, Bayard Rustin, Sylvia Rivera, and The Purple Menace, which were crucial in the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement. DGMC joined ten other choruses across America in creating this new commission to bring to light this little know history. Please read the program notes by composer Andrew Lippa in the virtual program to enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the work.

We hope that you will be exposed to some new history that will inspire you to learn more and share these stories with others. The sad truth is that you will most likely not learn about these topics in American history books or high schools across America. That is why these commissions are so vitally important.

Fighting for inclusion, diversity, equality, and respect do not have days off. We have to work at it daily and tell and sing our untold stories when our history is denied being taught in many states and school districts in the US.

As the final movement of the work clearly presents, even though our community has had its multiple struggles, we are a resilient people, courageous survivors who will remain unbreakable as we boldly continue the fight to make this county and our world a more perfect union.

James Knapp
Artistic and Managing Director